Tuesday, July 30, 2019

The program committee for Musicology at Kalamazoo (Anna Kathryn Grau, Luisa Nardini, Gillian Gower) invites abstracts for the 53rd International Congress on Medieval Studies, May 7-10, 2020. The topics approved by the Congress include:
·       Chant and Liturgy
·       Musical Craft, Composition, and Improvisation
·       Musical Medievalism
·       Music Theory & Practice
·       Musical Intertextuality/Intratextuality
·       Musical Margins and Migrations
·       Roundtable: Medieval Music and Inclusive Pedagogy
Full session descriptions can be found at https://musicologykzoo.wixsite.com/home. We hope these topics can foster dialogue between musicologists and scholars in other areas, so we encourage specialists in fields other than Music to submit proposals. Musicology at Kalamazoo strives to foster an environment that is supportive of medievalists of color and other marginalized groups. Papers tackling themes of diversity, inclusion, pedagogy, class, race, disability, gender, and sexual orientation will also be particularly welcome at our sessions.

Please keep in mind that we intend these session titles mostly as "hooks," rather than limitations, on which a multitude of proposals can be placed, so send us your best work. Proposals for papers should include an abstract of around 300 words; please do not include your name in the file containing the abstract. Proposals should be submitted by 15 September 2019. You'll also need to complete and submit the “Participant Information Form” from the conference website  (https://www.wmich.edu/medievalcongress/submissions).  Please send submissions to musicology.kzoo@gmail.com, with the subject line: KZOO 2020.
If you have any questions, please contact the committee at musicology.kzoo@gmail.com. We look forward to seeing you in Kalamazoo next May.
The Musicology at Kalamazoo Program Committee

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