Monday, October 1, 2018

CFP: On the Road: Medieval Travels and Travelers
by Meagan Allen

*CFP On the Road: Medieval Travel and Travelers*

*Medieval Studies Institute Symposium, Indiana University Bloomington *

*March 22-23, 2019*

*Keynote: Suzanne Akbari (University of Toronto)*

*Medieval people were often on the move. Whether their travels were driven by
commerce, religion, warfare, exploration, exile, or curiosity, travelers were
key conduits of cultural knowledge and exchange in the Middle Ages, returning
home with artifacts, stories, and myths. This symposium invites paper
proposals that explore the varied geographical, aesthetic, imaginative, and
psychological networks of travel in the global Middle Ages. Papers might
consider trade routes, pilgrimages, exploration, crusades, imaginative
journeys, metaphorical travel, cross-cultural encounters, spiritual journeys,
translatio and travel, discoveries of new or fantastic worlds, maps and
mapmaking, souvenirs and artifacts, medieval travel in the modern world, and
many other related topics.*

*Paper proposals of 250-300 words should be submitted to [1] by October 1, 2018.*

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