Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Please circulate widely these two calls for participants in Kalamazoo 2018 roundtables, sponsored by CARA.
1. CFP, Kalamazoo 2018, roundtable: “The 21st-century Medievalist: Digital Methods, Career Diversity, and Beyond.” What does it mean to be, or to train our students to be, medievalists in the 21st century? With the competing demands of learning new digital methods, training for a job market that reaches far beyond the academy, and worrying about widespread attacks on the humanities, it can sometimes feel like a difficult time to be or to train students to become scholars of the premodern world. And yet, other perspectives might suggest that this is the best time of all to be a medievalist – with new technologies opening up new questions and approaches to sources, a focus on global history that broadens our medieval horizons, new media outlets that increase audiences for our work, and the growing openness about the various career paths medievalists can follow, this panel will discuss ways to productively approach these new norms with optimism. This panel will feature four or five panelists discussing how we can work, teach, and train students within this new world while studying and teaching a very old world.
Contact: Sarah Davis-Secord (

2. CFP, Kalamazoo 2018, roundtable: “Teaching a Diverse and Inclusive Middle Ages.” Diversity and inclusivity are major topics of recent conversation both within and outside the community of medievalists, and medievalists have much to offer in combatting racist appropriations of the past. This roundtable will address the question of how we can best include topics of study related to diverse populations in the premodern world in order to teach students about the wide variety of cultures and peoples therein. We will also ask how to attract students from all backgrounds into courses on medieval topics, how we can best serve all of our students in the classroom, and how we can enhance inclusivity in the classroom. We will have between three and five panelists who have experience teaching to and about a diverse and inclusive classroom to provide brief remarks and to participate in the roundtable discussion.Contact: Sarah Davis-Secord (

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