Sunday, August 6, 2017

De re militari: The Society for Medieval Military History is sponsoring
or co-sponsoring five sessions.  In addition, Medica has a related
session.  Please direct queries, abstracts and/or PIFs to the listed
organizer.  Also, please disseminate.

And thank you!

Val Eads

De Re Militari: The Society for Medieval Military History
-Annual Journal of Medieval Military History Lecture;
-War and Chivalry;
-Medieval Military History;
-Medieval Military Technology
Contact: Valerie Eads
School of Visual Arts
Dept. of Humanities and Sciences

Cardiff School of History, Archaeology and  Religion, Cardiff Univ.; De
Re Militari: Society for Medieval Military History
(1 ):
-Generalship: In the Field and from the Armchair
Contact: Helen J. Nicholson
Cardiff Univ.
School of History, Archaeology and Religion,

Medica: The Society for the Study of Healing in the Middle Ages
-Military Medicine: Wounds and Disease in Warfare;
-Medicine in Cities: Public Health and Medical Professions
Contact: William H. York
Portland State Univ. University Honors College

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