Thursday, August 4, 2016

"In Memory of Jeremy duQuesnay Adams: Community Building in the Middle  Ages"
Jeremy Adams was a much beloved teacher and scholar who served the medieval community for more than four decades. His interests were wide-randing, but always seemed to gravitate back towards great thinkers and cultural forces. He was was fascinated with the far-reaching impact of powerful minds such as Augustine of Hippo and cultural firestorms such as Joan of Arc. These historical actors participated in the formation of various communities - local, intellectual, textual, cultural, religious, and others. In honor of Dr. Adams memory, this panel invites the submission of papers relating to the construction and perception of communities in the Middle Ages. Relevant subjects may include, but are not limited to ethnography, theology, historiography, philology, and literary studies. An approximately 100-250 word abstract should be sent to Lane Sobehrad at
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