Thursday, August 4, 2016

Gabi Bartz, Martina Bürgermeister, Markus Gneiss, Martin Roland, Georg
Vogeler and Andreas Zajic have decided – after a peer-reviewing-process 
and internal discussions – to publish first results of the FWF project
“Illuminated Charters as ´Gesamtkunstwerk´”.


678 illuminated collective indulgences are freely accessible for everyone.
We are well aware that we can only present “work in progress”. This is 
true for the digital part as well as for the content. Part of the 
indexing work has still to be implemented into the search environment 
and depth of information varies significantly.
Partly this is a deliberate decision, because it does not make sense to 
offer “extensive abstracts” for poorly decorated objects which are only 
of importance due to their character as forerunners to later, more 
extensively illuminated indulgences. On the other hand there are 
charters which deserve more in-depth treatment, but parts of
the description ([extensive] abstract, diplomatic comment, description 
of decoration and art-historical commentary) are still lacking.
We hope, however, that users are willing to accept such shortcomings in
order to get access more quickly. We want to encourage each and every 
user to give us feedback (
> such as additions, corrections (including typos), hints to additional sources, images or reference literature; do not hesitate to point out amendments no matter how small. Georg Vogeler, Martin Roland, Andreas Zajic <>

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