Sunday, May 27, 2012

Tironian Notes Resource

I would like to draw your attention to Martin Hellmann's outstanding
web-based resource for the verification and deciphering of Early Medieval
Shorthand, a.k.a. Tironian Notes.  His "supertextus notarum tironianarum" is
a magnificent achievement, and one constantly being enriched to our enormous
benefit.  Please find it, as below, via
 Martin Hellmann's deep understanding and years' of thoughtful and creative
toil on this wonderful instrument have made an enormous difference to my own
meager but needful progress with Notae.  A favorite turn of Lupus of
Ferrières, which Heiric of Auxerre constantly rewrites in the margins of
Lupus's letters in Notae, is "gratias habeo et ago."  My sentiment exactly,
and I expect that Heiric would approvingly rewrite and endorse that
sentiment in this case, too, as specifically and very sincerely directed to
Martin Hellmann.

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