Sunday, May 27, 2012

Patronage in the Medieval Arts

Patronage in the Medieval Arts

A symposium, Friday and Saturday October 5th and 6th 2012
Princeton University

Organized by The Index of Christian Art

Speakers will include:

Adelaide Bennett, Princeton University
Sheila Bonde, Brown University
Jill Caskey, University of Toronto
Robin Cormack, University of Cambridge
Anne Derbes, Hood College
Lucy Freeman Sandler, New York University
Aden Kumler, University of Chicago
Claudine Lautier, Centre André Chastel
Julian Luxford, University of Saint Andrews
Clark Maines, Wesleyan University
Nigel Morgan, University of Cambridge
Elizabeth Pastan, Emory College
Steve Perkinson, Bowdoin College
Morgan Powell,  Zurich University of Applied Sciences and Arts
James Robinson, British Museum
Corine Schleif, Arizona State University
Benjamin Zweig, Boston University-

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