Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Parliament Rolls of Medieval England web site

British History Online at the Institute of Historical Research ( would like to announce an important new addition to its premium content section: the Parliament Rolls of Medieval England ( This source consists of scholarly descriptions of every parliament held in England between 1275 and 1504. It covers 10 monarchs, from Edward I to Henry VII (since no parliament was held in the reign of Edward V, he is not included). The rolls for some of these parliaments, particularly the earlier ones, do not survive, but where they are extant have been fully transcribed; supplementary material about the business of the parliament is given in an appendix. Opposite the original text, which may be in Latin, Anglo-Norman, or Middle English, is a modern English translation. To make PROME e asier to use, the text and translation have been put into tables, so that the corresponding paragraphs are simple to locate.

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