Monday, November 30, 2009

Index of Christian Art

The Index of Christian Art is pleased to announce that the Svetlana
Tomekovic Database of Byzantine Art is now available on its website.

http://ica.princeto index.php

Before her untimely death, Svetlana Tomekovic photographed many
monuments of Byzantine art from Russia to Italy. Unfortunately, these
were not fully catalogued or described apart from her cursory notes in
French on the actual images themselves.

The Index of Christian Art was pleased to digitize the collection and to
make them available for public use in advance of them being more fully
catalogued and described in its database.

We suspect there are errors in these descriptions and would appreciate
hearing from you as to any that you may find. The database is a simple
structure designed for easy access but it does contain many images of
interest that we hope will be of use.

Simple instructions as to how the database works are given in the
introduction and to enlarge the images simply click on them.

Colum Hourihane
Director, Index of Christian Art

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