Sunday, September 27, 2009

So, You Teach Medieval Art History?: Incorporating New Technologies

International Medieval Congress, Leeds
12-15 July 2010

So, You Teach Medieval Art History?: Incorporating New Technologies
and Multi-Media into Undergraduate Art History Classrooms and Beyond

The Student Committee of the International Center for Medieval Art
aims to give a voice to all students interested in medieval art and
architectural history. For our session at the 2010 International
Medieval Congress in Leeds we invite papers that address incorporating
new technologies and multi-media into undergraduate art history
classrooms and beyond. We seek presenters who explore, for example:
the technological resources available to students and teachers; the
transition from previous technologies (microfilm, slides, etc.) to
digital formats (Powerpoint, MDID, etc.); the benefits and perhaps
limitations of new media in the classroom; and the ways new
technologies impact both the study and the teaching of art and
architecture. We also welcome participants who consider issues
interdisciplinary in nature, such as: the incorporation of
technologies from other disciplines in art history classes; and the
extent to which new technologies associated with art history may be
applied in the classrooms of related disciplines.

To apply, please submit a brief CV and an abstract of no more than 300
words to Melanie Hackney ( by September 27,

Melanie Hackney
Louisiana State University
Dept. of French Studies
404 Hodges Hall
Baton Rouge, LA 70803

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