Sunday, September 27, 2009

Marco MSS Workshop

There is still time to submit a proposal for this year's workshop; we
invite anyone interested in the topic to contact us.

CALL FOR PROPOSALS, Marco Manuscript Workshop: "Unruly Letters &
Unbound Texts"

The Fourth Marco Manuscript Workshop will be held Friday and
Saturday, February 5 and 6, 2010, at the University of Tennessee in
Knoxville; the workshop is organized by Professors Maura K. Lafferty
(Classics) and Roy M. Liuzza (English).

Last year's workshop focused on "textual trauma" -- instances of
violence, deliberate or otherwise, against texts. This year our focus
will be on texts and manuscripts that cross or confound the
boundaries scholars have tried to place around them, that do not fit
neatly into the genres or categories of modern scholarship, or that
pose peculiar difficulties of definition, categorization or reading.
These might include: macaronic and multilingual texts, prosi-metric
and metri- prosaic texts, glosses and commentaries, diagrams and
tables, ciphers and strange alphabets, incongruous or appropriated
forms and textual designs, interpolations and conflations, marginal
commentaries that overwhelm their texts, miscellanies and composite
manuscripts, and manuscripts in the age of print. We welcome
presentations on any aspect of this topic, broadly imagined.

The workshop is open to scholars and students at any rank and in any
field who are engaged in textual editing, manuscript studies, or
epigraphy. Individual 75-minute sessions will be devoted to each
project; participants will be asked to introduce their text and its
context, discuss their approach to working with their material, and
exchange ideas and information with other participants. As in
previous years, the workshop is intended to be more a class than a
conference; participants are encouraged to share new discoveries and
unfinished work, to discuss both their successes and frustrations,
to offer both practical advice and theoretical insights, and to work
together towards developing better professional skills for textual
and codicological work. We particularly invite the presentation of
works in progress, unusual manuscript problems, practical
difficulties, and new or experimental models for studying or
representing manuscript texts. Presenters will receive a stipend of
$500 for their participation.

The deadline for applications is October 1, 2009. Applicants are
asked to submit a current CV and a two-page letter describing their
project to Roy M. Liuzza, Department of English, University of
Tennessee, 301 McClung Tower, Knoxville, TN 37996-0430, or via email
to .

The workshop is also open to scholars and students who do not wish to
present work but are interested in sharing a lively weekend of
discussion and ideas about manuscript studies. More information will
be available at
, or by
contacting Roy Liuzza at the address above.

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