Monday, September 14, 2009

Exploring the Monstrous (I, II, .. For Leeds

CFP: 2010 International Medieval Congress, Leeds
Title of Session(s): Exploring the Monstrous (I, II, ...)
Sponsor: Mearcstapa

This year's theme of Travel and Exploration seems tailor-made for work
on monsters, many of which were believed to dwell in far-off lands, in
'the East,' or the far North or even, late in the period, in the 'New
World.' We invite papers dealing with travel to monstrous lands and
travel accounts describing interactions with monsters and monstrous
peoples, as well as those dealing more abstractly with medieval
explorations of the monstrous. We welcome papers in any discipline,
dealing with any aspect of monstrosity in the Middle Ages. Depending on
the submissions, we will propose between one and four full sessions to
the selection committee at Leeds. Possibility exists for the collective
publication of the papers, following the Congress.

Please send a paper title and abstract, along with you name,
affiliation, mailing address and email address to Asa Simon Mittman
( by _*September 23*_, as we need to vote on
these and submit as a unit to the IMC by October 1. Also please note if
you will need any A/V equipment.

For more information, see the general CFP:

If you are interested in joining MEARCSTAPA (we have no dues) and our
listserv, please send Asa an email. All are welcome. A website is in
development, but in the meantime, some information can be found here:

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