Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Crosscurrents and Connections: Ireland and the Atlantic World

Call for Papers for the 45th International Congress on Medieval Studies in Kalamazoo, May 2010

Session: Crosscurrents and Connections: Ireland and the Atlantic World

Ireland has often been seen as a land apart from the rest of Europe, perched on the edge of the far western Atlantic, isolated by the sea. However, a comparative approach is now being applied to understanding Ireland's place in Europe that emphasizes how ocean travel enables, rather than divides, connections between Ireland and the larger Atlantic world.

We seek papers that explore local culture and connections to wider northwestern Atlantic networks, from shared literary culture to trade networks and economic connections to religious interaction. We seek to have an interdisciplinary panel that reflects the connectivity inherent within the textual and material culture of Ireland and the wider Atlantic world.

We especially encourage submissions that deal with early medieval Ireland, but will happily include papers that consider a broader medieval time line.

Please send abstracts and Participant Information Forms (available at to Amber Handy at the University of Notre Dame at by September 15th.

Amber Handy
Department of History
219 O'Shaughnessy Hall
University of Notre Dame
Notre Dame, IN 46556

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