Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Hispanic Seminary of Medieval Studies CFP

Call for Papers

44th International Congress on Medieval Studies

Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, Michigan, U.S.A.

7-10 May, 2009

The Hispanic Seminary of Medieval Studies is sponsoring the following two
sessions at the 44th International Congress on Medieval Studies:

I. Teaching the History of the Spanish Language: An Online Repository of
Linguistic Texts and Pedagogical Aids

A reliable linguistic text constitutes a fundamental resource in the
teaching of any History of the Spanish Language or Medieval Spanish Language
course. What is a linguistic text, which forms can it take, and which use do
we make of it in the study of the aforementioned courses will be the object
of this rountable session. Also under discussion will be the creation of a
digital archive of linguistics texts (from Latin to modern Spanish, with
special concentration on medieval Castilian), the criteria for editing and
annotating those texts, and a plan of action for use and maintenance of the
archive among Hispano-philologists. The goal behind the roundtable is to
present key ideas behind the successful conception and production of a
homogeneous and coherent corpora of linguistic texts to be used in a History
of the Spanish Language or Medieval Castilian courses. If you wish to
participate in the discussion, please, provide a brief curriculum vitae and
key ideas for discussion in English or Spanish to Francisco Gago-Jover at by Sept. 19, 2008.

II. The Ideological Use of the Middle Ages in Contemporary Iberia

We cannot extricate ourselves from our own time when studying the Middle
Ages, which makes our work in the medieval period a valid tool in
understanding our modern world. This session would welcome papers that are
able to build a bridge between the contemporary world in a broad sense and
the medieval period, in order to show that the Middle Ages can be a fertile
ground to discuss and advance contemporary political, social, cultural and
linguistic issues. If you wish to present a paper in these session, please
submit a 200-word abstract of your paper in English or Spanish via email to
Gabriel Rei Doval at by Sept 19, 2008.

All participants must also turn in an Abstract Cover Sheet which is
available in pdf form at the congress website
( All materials must be
received by September 19, 2008.

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