Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Evangelical Theological Society

The annual meeting of the
Evangelical Theological Society in Providence, RI, November 19-21, 2008

has quite a lot to offer TC wise:

John Wei-Ho Wu (Logos Evangelical Seminary)
Authenticity of the Distinctively Byzantine
Shorter Reading

Andrew W. Pitts (McMaster Divinity College)
A Reassessment of the Use of Variant-Units
in New Testament Textual Criticism: Definitions
and Boundaries

Abidan Paul Shah (Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary)
Rewriting History: An Analysis and Evaluation
of Current Revisionist Approaches to
New Testament Textual Criticism and Their
Impact on New Testament Studies

Jeff Cate (California Baptist University)
The Angry Jesus in Mark 1:41

Adam Messer (Dallas Theological Seminary)
Unveiling Patristic Impressions: Theology
and Textual Corruption in Matthew 24:36

William Warren Jr. (New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary)
Canons, Copies, Communities, and Conflicts:
The Text of the New Testament in the
Second and Third Centuries

Maurice Robinson (Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary)
Eclectic Observations regarding the Current
Critical Text

David Hutchison (Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary)
The Next Great Step in New Testament
Textual Criticism

David Warren (Heritage Christian University)
“Neither Do I Condemn You” (John 8:11):
Is the Story of the Adulteress Authentic?

Donald Hartley (Dallas Theological Seminary)
John 14:17: The Spirit “Is” or “Will Be” in

Charles E. Hill (Reformed Theological Seminary)
From Codex to Loose-leaf Binder: Some
Recent Trends in Canon Criticism

Daniel B. Wallace (Dallas Theological Seminary)
Recent Developments in NT Textual Criticism
and Why They Matter to Evangelicals

Stanley E. Porter (McMaster Divinity College)
Summary and Evaluation: Toward an Evangelical
Understanding of NT Canon, Textual
Criticism, and Apocryphal Literature

Paul Penley (Trinity Evangelical Divinity School)
Textual Sources behind John's Apocalypse: Going beyond Canonical Intertextuality
to Contemporary Jewish and Christian

Philip Miller (Dallas Theological Seminary)
The Least Orthodox Reading Is to Be
Preferred: A New Canon for New Testament
Textual Criticism?

Samuel Lamerson (Knox Seminary)
Mark 16, Again? Are the Vocabulary and
Syntax Really “Un-Markan"?

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