Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Image: Spectral Imaging reveals the hidden text on the medieval palimpsests.
Copyright St Catherine’s monastery of the Sinai
Please see below information about the R-CHIVE (Rochester Cultural Heritage Imaging, Visualization and Education) conference held June 7 & 82018 atRIT and UR.
Please join us to learn more about applying different imaging modalities to uncover faded, damaged or erased text from manuscripts, globes, maps etc.
Speakers from all over (UK, Canada, Germany, Ethiopia, Austria, US) will be presenting their work ranging from:
1)      Raman Spectroscopy
2)      Spectral Imaging
3)      RTI
4)      Material analysis through X-ray & particle based Molecular spectroscopy, etc.  
This two day conference will include workshops such as “how to make a palimpsest”, “Timeline of materials and Inks used in old documents” (breakfast and lunch will also be included).
Please see below information re the conference and registration.
Register here:
Hope to see you there.

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