Thursday, May 18, 2017

CFP: Medieval Academy 2018: Beyond East and West: Global Encounters and Transformations in the Long 14th Century

by Daniel Franke
Beyond East and West: Global Encounters and Transformations in the Long 14th Century  
DEADLINE: Friday, May 19!
Medieval Academy Session Proposal, 2018  Call for Papers  
Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia, March 1 – 3, 2018   
From the later decades of the 13th century to the middle decades of the 15th century profound changes occurred across the entire land mass of Africa, Asia, and Europe. Although the story in the United States is still mostly told from the perspective of western Europe (and often from northwest Europe in particular), this situation is gradually changing, and the theme of the “Long 14th Century” is ideally suited to bring together topics with diverse geographic orientations to consider large issues of global encounter and exchange.
Following the Medieval Academy of America’s extension of  its CFP deadline till Friday, May 19, for proposals to the 93rd Annual Meeting, I am seeking presentations of up to 25 minutes in length on encounters among Afro-Eurasian peoples. These encounters could be cultural, political, religious, economic in nature, and can span from Portugal and the Maghreb in the west to Mongolia and China in the east. I am particularly interested in paper topics that explore encounters around a) the transformation of the global system around 1350, b) the Ottoman and Timurid empires, c)  later European crusades, d) the Yuan/Ming dynasty transition, and e) the Maghreb states and Mali Empire.
The full Medieval Academy call for papers can be found here.
If interested, please send the following information  to Daniel Franke at by 5 p.m. Friday, May 19:
Participant’s name, statement of Medieval Academy membership (or statement that the individual’s specialty would not normally involve membership in the Academy), professional status, email address, postal address, home or cell and office telephone numbers, fax number (if available), 500-word abstract, and audio-visual equipment requirements;
Inquiries should be sent to Daniel Franke, Assistant Professor of History, Richard Bland College of William and Mary, at

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