Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Dear Colleagues,
it is my pleasure to invite you, on behalf of its organizers, Stefan Esders, Silvia Polla, and Tonio Sebastian Richter, as well as its scientific board, to the international conference
Patterns of Transition in Economy and Trade Throughout the Late Antique,
Early Medieval and Islamicate Mediterranean
which will take place in Berlin, 4 - 7 October 2017 and for which we are excited to announce the following keynote speakers:
Sauro Gelichi (Venice)
Stefan Heidemann (Hamburg)
Richard Hodges (Rome)
Andreas Kaplony (Munich)
Cécile Morrison (Paris/Dumbarton Oaks)
Bernhard Palme (Vienna)
Paul Reynolds (Barcelona)
Jean Christoph Treglia (Aix en Provence)
Joanita A. C. Vroom (Leiden)
Christopher Wickham (Oxford)
Please let us know whether you would like to participate with a paper or poster that fits our thematic framework. We would also greatly appreciate your sharing this Call for Papers with your colleagues and affiliated institutions who may be interested in our event. We are attempting to arrange for the funding of all travel and accommodation expenses.
We would ask those of you who indicate their wish to participate with a paper/poster to provide us with an abstract and a working title by 15 January 2017.
We are looking forward to receiving your responses and hopefully learning about your research in Berlin next year.
Kind regards,
Frederic Krueger
Conference secretary
Freie Universität Berlin
Project Database and Dictionary of Greek Loanwords in Coptic

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