Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Irish government plans to ‘temporarily’ accommodate the the Irish Senate ( Seanad Éireann) in the Ceramics Room of Kildare Street branch of the National Museum of Ireland.  An office accommodating three curators from the National Museum will also be needed as a fire escape route. This is to be for at least two years while the Senate Chamber is renovated. The Museum’s Ceramics Room is the venue for the great variety of lectures and other public outreach events which museum staff have managed to provide, free of charge, over many years despite drastic and on-going cuts to their budgets. 

The Irish Arts Review is organizing a petition addressed to the Irish Prime Minister (An Taoiseach), asking the government to halt this planned relocation of the Seanad.

If you are happy to support this campaign please sign the petition and pass the link on (
Niamh Whitfield

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