Sunday, July 24, 2016

News! O the News!

Some Proto-Indo-European news:    How the Mother Tongue probably sounded.

Such a modern sign: a Viking ship held up by red tape.  If only Charles the Fat had thought of that!

For a brief foray out of Medieval Europe, a 9th century Jain temple:

Poop to the rescue!!  Feces on the Silk Road tell us about spread of disease:

Daisy Wheel Protection Spell in Lincoln Cathedral? Read all about it:

Medieval Water Harnessing Cause Salmon Stock Depletion:

Excavations at Stegeborg, Sweden:

Witch Prison Discovered in Scottish Castle:

Vikings were not kind to their slaves:

Largest Viking Axe Ever found in "power couple's" grave:

Student Archeology yields evidence:

Reuse of Sacred Spaces, or at least one such, by Anglo-Saxons:

Richard III might be innocent?

Jousting as Medieval Sport?  You bet!

Medieval (really much older) war tactics succeed in modern Iraq:

Oldest Anglo-Saxon Buildin in Scotland:

Anglo-Saxon Cemetery in Rothey:

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