Monday, June 6, 2016

MATLIT, 2017, vol. 5
VOX MEDIA: O Som na Literatura | Sound in Literature | El Sonido en la Literatura
Editores: Osvaldo Manuel Silvestre (Universidade de Coimbra)
Felipe Cussen (Universidade de Santiago do Chile)

MATLIT’s volume 5 is intent on exploring what we call literature as VOX MEDIA: voice as a means for literature and the disturbances suffered by the medium from the combined effect of performance and the technologies for mediation, representation and reproduction. And also other instances, like the tensions between the body and technology, audibility v. inaudibility of text, sound and meaning, physical presence and/or absence of the authors, and so forth. The goal is not only that of generating a catalogue or a compendium of the contemporary effects of VOX MEDIA on the notion of literature, but that of generating an archaeology for VOX MEDIA and for all related phenomena repressed by their historical invisibility.

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