Monday, May 9, 2016

for a renaissance in feminist scholarship on Anglo-Saxon England

We invite abstracts for essays to be published in a collection showcasing new work on masculinity, family, relationships, sexuality, virginity, women, and other topics related to gender or enabling feminist approaches, broadly conceived. We encourage submissions from people working at all stages of the profession and in all areas of interest. The editors will be writing grant proposals to engage graduate students as both research assistants and authors and to enable conference opportunities to workshop projects and develop links among collaborators. Our process will be collaborative, supportive, and rigorous. The final product will be a traditional collection published by an academic press.

The editors welcome enquiries by email and in person at Kalamazoo. Please submit abstracts by the end of May 2016 to support the editors in drafting grant proposals during Summer 2016. Essays will be due in May 2018, after conference activity in 2017. The manuscript will go to press in Fall 2018 for publication in 2019.

We also invite mentors and mentees to join our community, to support and learn from our authors and editors, to serve as readers, responders, and in other roles. Please send a brief email describing your potential involvement by the end of May 2016.

Robin Norris, Carleton University,
Rebecca Stephenson, University College Dublin,
Renée R. Trilling, University of Illinois,

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