Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Tenth International Conference on Middle English (ICOME 10) will be hosted by the Department of Cultural Studies and Languages at the University of Stavanger (Norway), 31 May – 2 June 2017.

ICOME 10 continues the series of ICOME conferences held at Rydzyna (1994), Helsinki (1997), Dublin (1999), Vienna (2002), Naples (2005), Cambridge (2008), Lviv (2011), Murcia (2013) and Wroclaw (2015). It will cover different aspects of Middle English language and texts, including papers on historical linguistic, philological-textual and literary topics.

The following plenary speakers have kindly confirmed their participation:

Richard Dance (University of Cambridge, UK)
Alexandra Gillespie (University of Toronto, Canada)
Gabriella Mazzon (University of Innsbruck, Austria)
Matti Peikola (University of Turku, Finland)

Participants are invited to submit proposals for 20-minute presentations (followed by 10 minute discussion) on any aspect touching on the areas of interest of  ICOME: Middle English language, linguistic variation, textual studies, manuscript studies and literature. Abstracts (between 250 and 500 words excluding references), should be submitted by 1 November 2016 

Please send your abstract by email to as a .docx, .rtf or .odt file. If at all possible, please include a .pdf copy as well. Notification of acceptance will be sent out in January 2017 and registration will open in February.

There will be a pre-conference workshop organized by the Stavanger team, presenting the Corpus of Middle English Local Documents (MELD). The conference itself will include a workshop on Middle English administrative texts. If you would like your paper to be considered for the workshop, please indicate this in the abstract. 
Proposals for other workshops are welcome and should reach us by 1 August 2016.

We look forward to seeing you in Stavanger!

Merja Stenroos (for the organizing committee)

Organizing committee:

Geir Bergstrøm
Anastasia Khanukaeva
Martti Mäkinen
Delia Schipor
Jeremy J. Smith
Merja Stenroos
Kjetil V. Thengs

Programme committee:

Juan Camilo Conde Silvestre (University of Murcia)
Kathryn Kerby-Fulton (University of Notre Dame)
Tim Machan (University of Notre Dame)
Donka Minkova (UCLA)
Joanna Nykiel (University of Silesia)
Janne Skaffari (University of Turku)
Irma Taavitsainen (University of Helsinki)
Jacob Thaisen (University of Oslo)
Laura Wright (University of Cambridge)

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