Sunday, March 6, 2016

First Medieval News of March!!

Some non-European news: Samurai Exhibit in Denver

Boticelli's Influence, a London Exhibit

The Power of Textiles in Late Antiquity

Cranach Paintings Reunited in Moscow

A Comparison of Charlemagne and Trump--Both are called Political Bullies if that gives you something of the flavor

Not Specifically Medieval--A Map of Every Recorded Battle Ever

Joan of Arc Ring Returned to France

Michaelangelo's David gets a uh, ahem...."cleaning"

Was Hrolf Gangr (Rollo) a Dane or a Norwegian, inquiring minds want to know

Post-Norman Oxfordshire

Looking for Henry VII's Birthplace

Crowdfunding for Lindisfarne's original monastery excavation

That Newly Discovered Island from ASE

A Feature on Dunwich, ASE's Atlantis

Banya, Bulgaria, destroyed and rebuilt for Second Bulgarian Empire

Remote Romanian Villages Keep Medieval Traditions Alive

A Piece on an Exhibition of Celtic Artifacts in Scotland

A Report on Mary Carruther's as Guest Lecturer

"Hidden" Medieval Wall Paintings at Stratford's Guild Chapel to be revealed--concealed by Shakespeare's Pa

Oldest Oak Trees in Europe Found in Churchill's Backyard

10000 Images of Medieval and Early Modern Documents from Archbishops of York Going Online

A Call to Protect Medieval Gates from Modern Cars (well, drivers anyway)

The Lindau Gospels on Display at the Morgan Lib. in brighter light to show all that gold

The Vikings as Family Men

A Viking Bronze Pendant Just Found


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