Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Writing History: Scandinavia and the Wider World

Friday and Saturday, 18-19 September, 2015

Announcing the second in a series of three conferences organised by the Department of Anglo-Saxon, Norse, and Celtic, University of Cambridge.

Keynote speakers are Professors Judith Jesch and Niels Lund.

Further details below. Online registration available at the following link:


Writing History: Battles and the Shaping of the North Atlantic
World is a series of three conferences focusing on a group of military
encounters and their protagonists from a millennium ago (1014 - 1016),
which took place in the broad of the North Atlantic World (Britain,
Ireland and Scandinavia). In our elucidation of the historiography of
conflict of a particular time and region, we will also seek to highlight
the universal features of writing war and each conference will include a
modern perspective. The first conference took place in 2014.

The second conference '1015, Scandinavia and the Wider World' will
take place 18 - 19 September 2015, GR06/07, Faculty of English, 9 West
Road, Cambridge, CB2 9DP. Key note speakers will include Professor
Judith Jesch and Professor Niels Lund focusing on different aspects of
the career and context of King Cnut. Other scholars contributing to the
discussion will include Dr Haki Antonsson, Dr Clare Downham, Dr Paul
Gazzoli and Dr Rory Naismith. Continuing the modern dimension
established in the first conference, Professor Brendan Simms will
conclude the conference with a lecture on Writing History, 1015 - 1815 -
2015, recalling the Battle of Waterloo.

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