Thursday, July 2, 2015

Invitation: Paris 2016 and the BAA

British Archaeological Association ( conference in Paris. 
It will take place from 16-20 July 2016 at various monuments and in the lovely INHA. Please mark your calendars. 
BAA Paris 2016 will be fantastic opportunity to share our research and enjoy the city together!
I write in the hope that you have already heard about this call for papers but I am emailing to ensure that you know the details (and the imminent deadline). Also, would you please spread the word to other Paris-loving colleagues, students, and friends?
Submitted abstracts should be about 500-1000 words for a paper of 20-30 minutes on any topic related to material culture and 'The Powers that shaped the City [Paris].' The chronological scope of this conference will stretch from Late Antiquity until the Renaissance.
The deadline is VERY soon (1 July) so please do send your proposals ASAP to the convenors, Lindy Grant ( and Meredith Cohen (

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