Sunday, January 12, 2014

News from DigiPal

Dear all,

A lot of exciting developments have been happening behind the scenes on
DigiPal in the last few 
weeks. These include the ability for users to create their own
annotations, group them, and share 
a persistent URL with others; a very swishy lightbox and workspace where
images can be resized, 
rotated, their colours and opacities changed, and again the results can
be saved and shared; and the 
facility to gather your favourite letters and manuscripts into
collections that you can save, arrange, 
and share. More about all of that soon. 

In the meanwhile, in addition to all the other manuscripts, we now have
c. 350 images from the British 
Library. There are mostly new photos, which hitherto have only been seen
in the original manuscripts  -- 
or by those who follow me on Twitter ;-)

So, if you're interested in Old English (or even Anglo-Saxon!!)
manuscripts, take a look at

For a list of BL mss, see:

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