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Mid America Medieval Association, Columbia, Missouri, 22 February 2014

We have received many great proposals but still have room about about half a dozen more (or two full sessions).
Please note that we will entertain proposals on any area of medieval studies, including medievalism(s).

Call for Papers

Mid America Medieval Association (MAMA) 38 The Global Middle Ages

Where: The University of Missouri and Columbia College, Columbia, Missouri

When: February 22, 2014

Theme: The Global Middle Ages

Plenary Address: Sahar Amer, Professor of Arabic and Islamic Studies, University of Sydney³Reading Medieval French Literature from a Global Perspective²

This year¹s MAMA Conference will focus on the study of the medieval period in a global context.

The rise of world history in the Academy, as well as the increasingly interconnected world in which we live in the 21st century, has not left medievalists unaffected. Paper and session proposals in any area of medieval studies will be welcome, but we hope to pay particular attention to the following topics:

the transferability of the concept of a "middle age" to non-European societies and economies post-colonial and/or comparative studies focusing on exchanges between Europe, Asia, and Africa book arts, preservation, calligraphy, paleography and codicology of non-western manuscripts the interdependency of pre-modern cultures travel accounts, maps, and other evidence of historical or imaginative cultural exchange global trade and representations of luxury goods such as ivory, spices, silks, ceramics, and jewels the influence of global cultures on European science, medicine, fashion, food, and art medieval European perceptions of African and Asian peoples and civilizations papers or sessions dedicated to the non-European locations (e.g. cities like Jerusalem or  Timbuktu, or ³medieval² eras such as the Sui or Tang dynasties in China, the Heian/Kamakura eras in Japan, Moghul India, Fatamid/Abassid/Mamluk

pedagogical approaches to teaching the Middle Ages as part of World History/ Literature/Religion Programs Submissions should be in the form of abstracts (300 word limit) for both individual papers and sessions, and should include all contact information.

Presenters in session proposals must be listed, with all contact information. Deadline for submission of paper and session proposals:
Monday, 30 December 2013

Send all submissions via email to:

Graduate Students whose papers have been accepted and may submit them for the Jim Falls Prize <>.

The Deadline for full paper submission, which must be limited to 10 pages and must contain footnotes/endnotes and bibliography, is January 10, 2014. Send submissions to Professor Linda Mitchell, chair, via

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