Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Wartburg Inst. Byzantine Art History Conf.

*Ernst Kitzinger and the Making of Byzantine Art History*
The Warburg Institute - Friday, 11th January 2013

Organized by Felicity Harley-McGowan and Henry Maguire

This colloquium commemorates the centenary of the birth of Ernst
Kitzinger (b. 1912 – d. 2003), distinguished historian of Late Antique,
Medieval and Byzantine art. It celebrates the profound importance of his
intellectual legacy not only for scholarship, teaching and curatorial
practice in these fields, but in the wider discipline of art historical

Speakers will include:

Beat Brenk, /University of Basel & Università di Roma, La Sapienza/.
Leslie Brubaker, /University of Birmingham
/Rebecca Corrie, /Bates College
/Anna Gonosova, /University of California, Irvine
/Felicity Harley-McGowan, /University of Melbourne/ /
/Rachel Kitzinger, /Vassar College
/Eunice Dauterman Maguire & Henry Maguire, /Johns Hopkins University
/John Mitchell, /University of East Anglia/
Lawrence Nees, /University of Delaware/

Illustration above: Dumbarton Oaks 1965 (from the Warburg Photographic
Standing: J. Porcher, O. Demus, J. Stubblebine, H. Buchtal
Front: K. Weitzmann, E. Kitzinger


10.00 Doors open; Registration

*10: 30**/Welcome /*[Henry Maguire]

*Session I: Biography *

10.40 Rachel Kitzinger: /A Scholar in His Study: Memories of Ernst at Work /

11.00 Rebecca Corrie: “/Cordially, E.K.”: Ernst Kitzinger and Teaching/

11.30-11.50 TEA

11.50 John Mitchell: /Ernst and England/

12.20 Felicity Harley-McGowan: /From London to the Antipodes: Ernst
Kitzinger, Fritz Saxl, and “Roman iconography”/

12.50-2.00 LUNCH [/Common Room/]

*Session II: Methods of Scholarship*

2.00 Eunice Dauterman Maguire & Henry Maguire: /Ernst Kitzinger and Style/

2.30 Anna Gonosova: /Learning to see Late Antique and Early Byzantine
art: An exploration of the ‘Visual’ before the ‘Age of Visuality’ in the
early writings of Ernst Kitzinger/

3.00 Lawrence Nees: /Ernst Kitzinger’s Scholarship and the art of early
medieval Western Europe/

3.30-4.00 TEA [/Common Room/]

*Session III: Areas of Scholarship *

4.00 Beat Brenk: /Kitzinger’s contributions to the study of Norman
mosaics in Sicily/

4.30 Leslie Brubaker: /Ernst Kitzinger and the invention of Byzantine

5.00 /Concluding Discussion/


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