Thursday, January 17, 2013

Arthur of the North

‘Arthur of the North’ is the First International Conference organised by The Nordic Branch of the International Arthurian Society (IAS). It is dedicated to the Arthurian narratives in any of the medieval Scandinavian languages (Old Norse, Old Swedish, Old Danish). We welcome papers on any topic related to the medieval Scandinavian Arthurian traditions. 

Among the themes that might be addressed are: theories and practices of translations, culture-historical contexts, literary style, form, structure, genre-related issues, and manuscript tradition of the Nordic Arthurian texts. 
The Arthurian literary tradition, which the Scandinavian texts form part of, was transmitted in Latin and all the medieval vernacular languages. Therefore, we welcome also comparative papers on the various traditions as well as studies of Arthurian material which is of relevance for the Scandinavian context. 

Papers should be given in English and be twenty minutes long. To submit a proposal, please send an abstract of your paper (max 300 words) to Sif Rikhardsdottir,, by 1 March, 2013

All speakers should be members of the International Arthurian Society, and all participants are welcome to join the Society. For information on how to join, please visit the website of the IAS: 
or the Nordic Branch: 

Detailed information about the conference, programme and registration will be available on the website of the 
Nordic Branch of the IAS (from February 2013 onwards). 

For further inquiries, please contact any of the members of the organising committee
Stefka G. Eriksen, University of Oslo, 
Sif Rikhardsdottir, University of Iceland, 
Bjørn Bandlien, University of Oslo, 

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