Sunday, February 5, 2012

Call for papers: Manuscripts from Eastern Xn traditions at SBL

For the second year, there will be a session ("workshop") on manuscripts from eastern Christian traditions at SBL, to take place in Chicago, Nov 17-20, 2012, and I invite you to consider preparing a paper for this session. The call for papers on the SBL site says the following:
This Workshop provides a forum to familiarize students and scholars, especially those who have not worked with manuscripts before, with manuscript studies within the broader fields of eastern Christianity in any of its languages and literary traditions (Arabic, Armenian, Coptic, Ge`ez, Georgian, Syriac, etc.).

For a report on last year's papers in this session, and for a fuller description  of the program unit, please see here in the most recent issue of Hugoye.
Please feel free to direct any questions to me, and spread the word about the call for papers, especially with Armenologists, Coptologists, Ethiopianists, Iranologists, and Kartvelologists.
With all best wishes,

Adam McCollum, Ph.D.
Lead Cataloger, Eastern Christian Manuscripts
Hill Museum & Manuscript Library
Saint John's University
P.O. Box 7300
Collegeville, MN 56321
(320) 363-2075 (phone)
(320) 363-3222 (fax)

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