Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Viking Society/Scottish Society for Northern Studies student conference: Saturday 11 February 2012

All welcome! Please spread the word. Travel bursaries are available for third- and fourth-year
undergraduates and postgrads within Scotland, too. For more details, check the link:

The Viking Society for Northern Research (VSNR) holds an annual student conference which enables postgraduate students to share a platform with leading academics from around the world.  The conference is the UK’s primary event in Old Norse studies, and regularly attracts international scholars from as far afield as Iceland and Australia.  It is a unique event which enables scholars and students to share research and ideas, and present their work to an international audience.

This year, Glasgow has been chosen to host the conference.  Not only will this be the first time the event has been held in Scotland, it will also be the first time it has been held in association with the Scottish Society for Northern Studies (SSNS).

The theme of this year’s conference is "Language: Contact and Change," which reflects the dual interests of both societies in history and linguistics, as well as showcasing Glasgow’s own strengths in these areas.  The papers will focus on the linguistic contacts between early North-West European cultures and their historical significance appealing to the specialisms of a number of subject areas within
Critical Studies, Humanities, and Culture and Creative Arts.

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