Sunday, January 29, 2012

Call for papers at the SBL international meeting July 2012

Digital Humanities and Manuscripts, chaired by David Hamidovic and Claire Clivaz.

The process of editing of ancient biblical manuscripts, as well as of editing other ancient Jewish and Christian manuscripts, has been transformed by the emerging digital culture. The digitalization of the manuscripts raises technical questions, such as automatic reading or multispectral imagery, and leads us to new challenges. How do we understand the "text" in the digital culture? In addition, the capacity to study and valorize online a specific manuscript challenges the notion of “critical edition”.?The seminar welcomes proposals of papers about ancient Hebrew, Greek or Arabic manuscripts - either literary or documentary texts - in the fields of biblical studies, early Jewish and Christian studies. We hope to receive papers either on technical points, or new interpretations with digitalization or data managing, or questions about the notion of “critical edition”.

All the details are here:

The call for papers ends the 1st of February

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