Friday, February 25, 2011

CfP: Digital Diplomatics 2011 (Naples, 29.9.-1.10.2011)

CfP: Digital Diplomatics 2011 (Naples, 29.9.-1.10.2011)

The study of medieval legal documents (charters, deeds, instruments …) makes increasingly use of digital tools. The massive growth of documents online – as images, as calendars, as texts – and the attempts made to analyze and discuss diplomatics in the web has motivated us to organize a second international conference on “Digital Diplomatics”. It will take place in Naples 29.9.-1.10.2011 and we are looking for proposals. You can find the full presentation of the conference at

We would like to encourage in particular young scholars and graduate
students to present their ideas and projects on using the new technologies for studying old documents. Travel grants will be provided.

We are looking forward to hear from you

for the organization comitee

Georg Vogeler

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