Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bede and the Future/The Future of Bede

Proposals are solicited for two sessions on "Bede and the Future/The
Future of Bede" at the 46th International Congress of Medieval Studies,
Kalamazoo 2011. These sessions are sponsored by The Medieval Research
Centre at the University of Leicester, and organized by Peter Darby
(University of Leicester), Joshua Westgard (University of Tennessee at
Knoxville), Paul Hilliard (University of St Mary of the Lake) and Faith
Wallis (McGill University). We invite proposals for papers on all aspects
of Bede's life, milieu, and writings that shed light on the following
(1) how Bede and others in his circle imaged the (short-term or long-term)
future. Themes could include prophecy; apocalyptic; reform/renewal versus
decline/decay; the perception of current geo-political events (e.g. the
rise of Islam); the threat of heresy; concepts of the shape of historical
time; and ideas about analogies between the past and the future.
(2) the ways in which Bede was received and perceived after his death.
Possible topics include: manuscript transmission and traditions of Bede's
writings; medieval and modern appraisals of Bede; Bede's impact, legacy
and perceived relevance; the adaptation and alteration of Bede's writings;
Bede's posthumous status as a scholarly and Patristic authority.

Proposals should be sent to Faith Wallis (, no
later than 15 September.

Faith Wallis, PhD
Associate Professor,
Dept. of History/Dept. of Social Studies of Medicine,
McGill University,
855 Sherbrooke Street W.,
Montreal, Quebec, Canada H3A 2T7
(tel.) 514-398-6213
(fax) 514-398-8365

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