Sunday, July 25, 2010

*Images in Action: Processions, Feast Days, and Other Ecclesiastical Celebrations*

Call For Papers
International Medieval Congress, Leeds
11-14 July 2011

Melanie Hackney (Louisiana State University), Organizer
Michele Luigi Vescovi (Università di Parma), Organizer

*Images in Action: Processions, Feast Days, and Other Ecclesiastical

Throughout the Middle Ages, images – from jeweled crosses to adorned
statuary, painted panels to celebrated reliquaries – performed central
roles in feast days, processions, and other ecclesiastical celebrations.
Such rituals frequently threaded through town streets, entwining
cathedral, market squares, churches, and government offices and
encouraging the audience’s involvement through carefully choreographed
spectacles that often included images as a point of focus. Although many
of these objects have received scholarly attention in terms of technical
construction, iconographic tradition, or artistic authorship,
frequently, lacunae remain regarding their processional display and
function. This session aims to gather scholars investigating the visual
component of such celebrations in order to advance an overlooked area of

Accordingly, the Student Committee of the International Center for
Medieval Art seeks papers that consider “images in action” for a
sponsored session at the 2011 International Medieval Congress in Leeds.
Potential avenues for inquiry include, but are not limited to: how did
the images interact with the audiences? How did the audiences interact
with the images? In what ways were the objects activated by their
inclusion in such occasions? How did the images engage with or impact
the physical space encompassed by the routes? What were the religious,
political, economic, etc. implications of these interactions?

As a committee that addresses the concerns of all members with student
status (undergraduates, graduates, interns, etc.) we welcome submissions
from students and established scholars alike. To submit, please send an
e-mail including a brief vitae and an abstract of no more than 500 words
to Melanie Hackney (
by 31 July 2010.

/** Following the composition of the session, the Student Committee will
propose it to the International Center of Medieval Art for sponsorship
consideration. If the proposal is accepted, participants will be
eligible for partial Kress Foundation funding./

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