Saturday, July 10, 2010

The BABEL Working Group, "postmedieval: a journal of medieval cultural studies,"

I'm a bit behind and once again trying to play catch up on announcements. This is one to note please:

The BABEL Working Group, "postmedieval: a journal of medieval
cultural studies,"
and the University of Texas at Austin will be co-hosting the conference this
coming November [4-6 November 2010], "After the End: Medieval Studies, the
Humanities, and the Post-Catastrophe," and there is still 2 weeks to submit
individual paper and session proposals. More full details on that here:

Given the contemporary debates and fretting over the future of the
humanities at
the very moment that so much work has been undertaken within the university to
dismantle traditional notions of the human, history, and time, the
moment seems
ripe for a vigorous conversation across fields and periods within the
humanities, in order to "reopen the questions of subjectivity, materiality,
discursivity, [and] knowledge" and also to "reinstall uncertainty in all
theoretical applications, starting with the primacy of the cultural
and its many
turns" [Teresa de Lauretis]. To that end, we have envisioned this
conference as
a sort of merger between pre- and early modern studies, cultural
studies, modern
studies, and queer & sexuality studies, and I hope some of you will consider
joining us for what I can promise will not be a typical conference, either in
terms of the sessions themselves, the plenary talks, or the planned social
events. Calls for papers for specific sessions being organized by
Laurie Finke &
Marty Shichtman, Jane Chance, and Anne Clark Bartlett can also be found here:

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