Friday, June 11, 2010

Eusebius of Caesarea's work "On the Celebration of Easter" via Roger Pearse

A little while ago I commissioned an excellent Greek scholar to make a translation of Eusebius of Caesarea's work "On the Celebration of Easter" ("De solemnitate paschalis"). The work is actually lost, but an epitome in 12 chapters survives, and was discovered by Angelo Mai and published ca. 1820.

The translation has now arrived, and is online here:

as well as a PDF version at here:

A different translation with commentary and study is due out from Dr. Mark DelCogliano in a volume of papers from Brill sometime soon. But of course that one will not be freely available (although well worth consulting, I am sure).

Also I got bored a week ago and decided to translate John Chrysostom's "First Sermon" (when he was first made a priest) into English from the old French translation of Bareille. This too is done and is online here:

It's not terribly interesting, about a third of it being an encomium of the Bishop of Antioch, Flavian, who had ordained him. But as far as I know there is no other English translation.

I place them both in the public domain. Do whatever you like with them, personal, educational, commercial or whatever. My hope is to encourage interest in both.

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