Monday, March 1, 2010

Projet Volterra II: Law and the end of empire

Projet Volterra II: Law and the end of empire
Colloquium 3
"Law: text and practice in early mediaeval Italy"
Department of History, University College London
Friday-Saturday, 9-10 July 2010

The Projet Volterra team is very pleased to announce the third
colloquium in its latest series. The colloquium focuses primarily on
the use and development of law (Roman, Lombard, and canon) in the
context of Italy in the period from the sixth to the ninth century.
Confirmed speakers include Simon Corcoran (UCL), Antonia Fiori (Rome,
La Sapienza), Detlef Liebs (Freiburg), Luca Loschiavo (Teramo), and
Magnus Ryan (Peterhouse, Cambridge). Further details of the programme
will be posted in due course (see: ).

The programme will conclude on Saturday afternoon with a workshop on
the Fragmenta Londiniensia Anteiustiniana, identified as coming from
the Gregorian Code (on which see ).

Attendance at the colloquium and workshop is free of charge but, in
order to plan catering, the organisers would appreciate an indication
of intention to attend by 1 July.
To do so, please e-mail Dr Corcoran (
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CALL FOR PAPERS: Offers of additional papers related to the themes of the colloquium are
Anyone wishing to present a paper at this colloquium should contact
Benet Salway (


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