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Listserv forward from Robert Ousterhout, University of Pennsylvania

Second Circular (with price revisions and tentative schedule)


An International Workshop for Graduate Students in Byzantine Studies

27 June – 12 July 2010
Director: Robert Ousterhout (University of Pennsylvania)
Asst. Director: Tolga Uyar (Onassis Foundation Fellow/Ph.D.
Candidate, University of Paris I)
Lecturers: Scott Redford (Research Center for Anatolian Civilization,
Koç University, Istanbul)
Evangelia Balta (National Hellenic Foundation for Scientific Research, Athens)

All instruction will be in English; reading skill in French recommended.

Goals: The workshop will explore ways of contextualizing the rich
artistic and cultural heritage of Byzantine and Post-Byzantine
Cappadocia. Because of the extensive survival of rock-cut features
from the Byzantine period, the region is unrivaled in terms of
material culture, preserving more than 700 rock-cut churches and
chapels (more than one-third of which preserve significant elements
of their painted decoration), as well as monasteries, houses,
villages, towns, and fortresses. Lacking a written history, however,
the monuments of Cappadocia remain poorly known to most Byzantinists.
Through a program that combines lectures, guided site visits,
thematic explorations, and seminar presentations, the workshop will
explore ways to “read” the landscape and its monuments, as well
as ways to write a regional history based on the close analysis of
sites and monuments.
Setting: Gül Konakları (Rose Mansions) in Sinasos (Mustafapaşa).

Participants will be housed in shared double rooms, with all meals
and wireless internet service provided.
Tuition: $1600 USD (includes room and board, local transportation
within Cappadocia, site entrances, and guide fees). Airfares are not
included. Participants must arrange their own transportation to and
from Cappadocia (pickups will be arranged for the Nevşehir airport
and the Göreme bus station).
Registration should be completed no later than 5 April 2010.
Participation will be confirmed by 8 April 2010; full payment of
tuition due 20 April 2010. Contact ousterob@sas. for more
Notes: [1] The workshop is timed to take place shortly after the
Sevgi Gönül Byzantine Symposium in Istanbul (21-24 June 2010). [2]
Cappadocia has a rugged landscape; participants should be prepared to
walk or hike several kilometers each day. [3] Participants should
bring their own digital cameras and laptop computers for preparing
seminar presentations. [4] Fellowships may be available for Turkish
Tentative Schedule:
Daily site visits will alternate between short and long (the latter
by bus to western Cappadocia), with lectures, seminars, and
discussions taking place at the pension immediately before and after
dinner. Bag lunches will be provided for site visits.
27 June: (Sunday): arrival airport/bus station pickups arranged
Late afternoon orientation meeting (Ousterhout)
Visit to Sarica Kilise before dinner.
28 June: Morning: visit Göreme National Park (with discussions in
Karanlık Kilise and Tokalı Kilise)
Afternoon lecture: Byzantine architecture (Ousterhout)
Evening lecture: Painting I: Problems of Chronology (Uyar)
29 June: Day long: Ağzıkarahan, Selime, Çanlı Kilise
Evening roundtable: The Myth of Cappadocia: Monasteries vs. Settlements
30 June: Morning: Çavuşin, Güllü Dere, Kızılçukur.
Late afternoon lecture: Painting II: Early and “Archaic”
Byzantine Painting (Uyar)
Evening lecture: Liturgy and burial practices (Ousterhout)
1 July: Day long: Day long: Derinkuyu, Nar Gölü, Gelveri
(Güzelyurt), Sivrihisar
Evening lecture: The Presence of the Rum Orthodox Population in
Cappadocia during the Ottoman period (Balta)
2 July: Morning: Zelve, Paşabağı, Sinassos
Lunch at Rose Pensions
Afternoon: student team reports: reading the landscape
Evening lecture: “Bourgeois” landscape in Rum Cappadocia (mid of
the 19th century-1924) (Balta)
3 July: Free Day (Saturday)
4 July: Day long: Ihlara-Belisı rma Valley
Evening: roundtable discussion: painted programs in context
5 July: Morning: Göreme again, outside the park
Late afternoon discussion: interpreting functional space
Evening lecture: Painting III: Middle Byzantine (Uyar)
6 July: Day: Soğanlı Dere area
Late afternoon/evening seminar with team reports: settings for
burials, painted programs for burials
7 July: Morning: Cemil Archangelos Monastery, Güzelöz, Başköy
Late afternoon lecture: masonry architecture (Ousterhout)
8 July: Morning: Timios Stavros area, Pancarlık Kilise, Ortahisar
Late afternoon discussion: Iconoclasm in Cappadocia
9 July: Free Day (Saturday)
10 July: Day: Açık Saray, Karşı Kilise, Tatlarin
Late afternoon lecture: Painting IV: Painting in the 13th century (Uyar)
Evening lecture: The arrival of the Seljuks in Cappadocia:
Caravansarays, Konya & Kayseri (Redford)
11 July: Morning: Taşkınpaşa, Tağar, Ürgüp (Kapıkaya)
Late afternoon lecture: Cultural and Social Complexity in 13th-c.
Cappadocia (Redford)
Evening roundtable: Medieval Cappadocia between East and West
12 July: (Monday) depart
An International Workshop for Graduate Students in Byzantine Studies
27 June – 12 July 2010
Please provide the following information:
Email address:
Graduate university:
Undergraduate university:
Major area(s) of study:
Current year of graduate study:
Graduate GPA:
Language skills:
Name of adviser:
Please include a short statement (no more than 100 words) explaining
how the Cappadocia workshop would contribute to your graduate
Please ask your adviser for a letter of reference, emailed to
Before final acceptance, participants must supply proof of travel
insurance and sign a waiver of responsibility.
Application deadline: 5 April 2010; emailed to ousterob@sas.

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