Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Call for papers: Spiritual Temporalities in Late-Medieval Europe

Call for papers: Spiritual Temporalities in Late-Medieval Europe

We would like to offer an open invitation to prospective contributors to an
interdisciplinary collection of essays on the relationship between medieval
perceptions of time and medieval Christianity in Late-Medieval Europe
(broadly defined as ca.1100-1600).

The focus of this volume is on the ways in which the physical experience of
time influences religious belief and ritual and on how the experiences of
religious belief and ritual in turn influence perceptions of time. We
welcome topics such as: how beliefs changed in medieval Europe over time;
how the seasons or number of years after Christ influenced medieval thought
and behavior; the relationship between Church doctrine and secular
experiences over time; artistic representations of Biblical events as
moments in history; and changing interpretations of and attitudes to major
doctrines or theologians.

Although almost all contributors to the volume have already written and
revised their chapters, we still have space for one or maybe two
contributions. Most of our contributors are in the fields of art history,
history, or literary studies. We would especially encourage contributions on
a French or Low Countries topic. A publisher has been secured and we hope
that the book will go to press by the end of 2010.

If you are interested, please send an abstract of any length and timeline
for completing the chapter to Michael Foster at foster.mr@gmail.com.

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