Sunday, January 17, 2010

Rethinking Medieval Liturgy - Call for Papers

Call for Papers

Rethinking Medieval Liturgy: New Approaches across Disciplines

1819 June 2010, London

The study of medieval liturgy has undergone a remarkable
transformation in recent years. As the lines between various kinds of
cultural studies have become increasingly blurred, musicologists, art
historians, literary scholars, and historians have realised its
centrality and importance. Liturgy provides fundamental insights into
the experience of worship and devotion in the middle ages, as the
medium through which religious ideas were transmitted. There is now a
need, we believe, to find coherent expression and a voice for the
emerging generation of students of the liturgy, by breaking
institutional and disciplinary boundaries, and by bringing so-called
para-liturgical genres, such as drama, hagiography, and sermons, as
well as art and architecture, back into their liturgical contexts.

To this purpose, we are holding a two-day international workshop for
post-graduate students from a variety of disciplines on the subject
of medieval liturgy. It will include a training session in recent
developments of liturgical studies, led by acclaimed professor Susan
Boynton of the Department of Music at Columbia University. Proposals
are invited from researchers who are engaged in or have recently
finished their post-graduate studies.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

- Theories of ritual and their application to medieval liturgy

- Musicology and music history

- Art and architecture as related to liturgy

- Worship and devotion as cultural phenomena

- Liturgy in the history of religious institutions

- Christianization and reform

- Liturgy and material culture

- The social role of liturgy

- Hagiography, sermons and drama in their liturgical contexts

- Manuscripts and the representation of liturgical texts

Papers will be 20 min. in length. Individual paper proposals (papers
and proposals should be in English) to a maximum of 300 words should
be sent by 1 March, 2010 to:

Kati Ihnat (Queen Mary, University of London):


Erik Niblaeus (Kings College London):

If you have other queries concerning the workshop, please do not
hesitate to contact either of the above.

The workshop will take place in London at the Lock-keepers Cottage,
Queen Mary, University of London, E1 4NS, from Friday June 18 (10am)
to Saturday June 19 (5pm) 2010. Application for AHRC funding pending.