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THIS NEW Masters course has been designed to provide students with
advanced knowledge, understanding and skills to carry out independent
research into the history and culture of late antiquity and
Byzantium, reflecting the rich expertise in late antique and
Byzantine history at Cardiff University.

In this course students will:

· Acquire essential skills for research, project design,
written and oral communication
· Improve their skills in handling literary and material
evidence from late antiquity and Byzantium
· Develop a deeper understanding both of late antique and
Byzantine history and culture and of approaches to studying the
· Study ancient and medieval texts in the original language,
selecting from a wide range (e.g. Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Arabic)
· Choose from a range of specialised courses, or explore
subjects of their own choice with a Special Topic option

The MA is a combination of taught modules and individual research,
which can serve either as preparation for doctoral research, or as a
self-contained advanced qualification in its own right, allowing
students to pursue their interests in greater depth than is possible
at undergraduate level. It is suitable for students who have taken
undergraduate degrees in Ancient History, History, Religious Studies
or related fields. The course can be taken full-time in one year, or
part-time over two years. Applicants should normally possess a first
degree with first or upper second class honours in an appropriate

The taught element runs from October to May, and combines research
training modules, study of an ancient language, and a choice of
specialist thematic modules (listed below). Some are seminar-based
topics, others are taught on an individual basis, and these special
topic options also allow students to research a subject of their own
choice, under the guidance of a supervisor.

Compulsory research modules offer training in the skills which every
research student needs: research design, bibliographic and computer
skills, written and oral presentation and professional practice.
Students are also required to pursue credits in language at the level
appropriate to their experience. During the taught stage of the MA,
students lay the foundations for the second part of the course, which
is an individual research project, carried out between May and
September, leading up to a dissertation; the area of the research is
usually closely related to the specialised topics studied in the
taught modules. It is necessary to pass the taught stage before
progressing to the Dissertation. The Dissertation stage of the MA
takes place from May to September. The Dissertation should be of no
more than 20,000 words.

Dr Shaun Tougher
Senior Lecturer and Head of Ancient History
Cardiff School of History and Archaeology
Humanities Building
Colum Drive
Cardiff CF10 3EU

Tel. 02920876228
Fax 02920874929


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