Sunday, January 17, 2010

CFP: ERAS online postgraduate journal

Submissions Due: 31st March 2010

Eras is an online journal edited and produced by postgraduate students from the School of Historical Studies at Monash University. As a fully refereed journal with DEST status, Eras is intended as an international forum for current or recently completed Masters and PhD students to publish original research, comment and reviews in the following fields covered by the School's teaching and research: History, Archaeology and Ancient History, Religion and Theology and Jewish Civilisation.

We are seeking papers from postgraduate students working in any of the fields listed above. Papers are also strongly encouraged from students in other disciplines, such as Cultural Studies, Indigenous Studies, Gender Studies, Philosophy, Sociology and Politics, provided such manuscripts are relevant to the journal's primary fields of interest.

Papers of 5000 words and a short abstract should be submitted to by 31st March 2010. Detailed notes and editorial guidelines for individual contributors are available on the web site (listed below).

It is anticipated that the twelfth edition of Eras will appear in November 2010. Look for the eleventh edition online at:

Darren Dobson and Stephanie Rocke
Eras Journal
School of Philosophical, Historical, and International Studies
P.O.Box 11A, Monash University
Victoria, 3800


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