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Bible Reception and Interpretation in Orthodox Liturgy

Bible Reception and Interpretation in Orthodox Liturgy

The steering committee of the "Bible in Eastern and Oriental Orthodox Traditions" of the Society of Biblical Literature (SBL) has chosen "Bible Reception and Interpretation in Orthodox Liturgy" as its unit's theme for the 2010 National SBL Conference. The conference will take place on November 20-23, 2010, in Atlanta, GA.

Scholars are invited to submit proposals for papers that examine the critical study of all the major aspects of incorporating the Bible in the liturgy of the various Orthodox churches. Among the various aspects we mention: the Biblical character of the liturgical year; the various interpretive methods used in Orthodox hymnology; the development of the liturgical theme through the various scriptural readings assigned; biblical practices as foundational elements in the liturgical _expressions, and other subjects related to the incorporation of the Bible in the Orthodox liturgy celebrated in Arabic, Armenian, Serbian, Romanian, Slavonic and all other languages used in the various churches within the Orthodox family.

Program Unit Chair (for further information and questions)
Rev. Dr. Vahan Hovhanessian (

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