Saturday, June 27, 2009

Three Medieval Hebrew biblical MSS

Three Hebrew biblical MSS

Pentateuch. Eretz Israel. 10th cent.('Crown of Damascus')
Bible. Spain 1260 ('Crown of Damascus')
Bible. Spain 1341

can be seen and downloaded at
The first MS was used in the Biblia Hebraica Quinta 5, Deuteronomy, 2008. Is was also published as a facsimile by

D. S. Loewinger & Malachi Beit-AriƩ, 1978 and 1982, The Damascus Pentateuch.Manuscript from about the Year 1000 Containing Almost the Whole Pentateuch. Jewish National and Univ. Library, Jerusalem, Hebr. Quart. 5702. Part I. Part II. Copenhagen: Rosenkilde and Bagger.

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Hebrew Student said...

Wow! Thanks for these links to the Medieval Hebrew manuscripts! Are there any more manuscripts like these online which can be viewed or downloaded?