Friday, June 5, 2009

Rusticatio Virginiana Omnibus Destinata

SALVI (Septentrionale Americanum Latinitatis Vivae Institutum, or
North American Institute for Living Latin Studies) proudly presents
Rusticatio Virginiana Omnibus Destinata, a week of total immersion in
the Latin language with high-energy conversation exercises designed
for participants at all levels of experience in conversational Latin.
Rusticatio Omnibus will be team taught by Nancy Llewellyn and David
Morgan, with special assistance from Don Cleto Pavanetto, past
President of the Vatican's Latinitas Foundation. The dates of the
workshop are July 13 - 19, 2009.

Rusticatio Virginiana offers a series of intensive exercises that will
help you turn your knowledge of Latin into an active command of the
language. During this workshop you can expect to make significant
improvement in speaking ability and listening comprehension.
Additionally, past participants have often reported marked improvement
in sight-reading comprehension and reading speed. Most important, you
will discover the joy of self-expression and communication with others
in Latin - an experience which, over time, can make profound and
positive changes in your attitude toward the language.

Rusticatio Omnibus will be held at the beautiful Claymont Estate in
Charles Town, West Virginia. The cost is $760.00 per person,
all-inclusive, covering tuition, room, full board, all instructional
materials, and a one year membership in SALVI. Please note that
transportation to and from the workshop is not included. For a more
complete description of Rusticatio, as well as eligibility
requirements, please see the application on the SALVI website at

The deadline to enroll in this year's intensive spoken Latin workshops
is June 1, 2009. Additionally, we have modified the enrollment process
so that you can pay a portion of the total when you enroll with the
balance due by June 15, 2009. For Rusticatio Omnibus the payment
schedule would be $260 payable upon enrollment, $500 due by June 15.

Rusticatio is an initiative of SALVI, a nonprofit educational
organization committed to promoting active Latin. Created over ten
years ago in California, Rusticatio has a proven track record for
fostering growth in living Latin in a congenial and down to earth
atmosphere that is both fun and supportive. Rusticatio currently
operates at the historic Claymont Estate in Charles Town, West
Virginia, just one hour by car from Washington-Dulles International
Airport. Baltimore-Washington and Reagan Washington National Airports
are also not far away.

Nancy E. Llewellyn is Assistant Professor of Latin at Wyoming Catholic
College, as well as being vice-president of SALVI and program director
for Rusticatio Virginiana. Dr. Llewellyn holds a Ph.D. from UCLA, an
M.A from the Pontifical Salesian University in Rome (where she also
studied at the Gregorian University with Reginald Foster), and a B.A.
from Bryn Mawr College. Since 1998, she has led numerous workshops on
spoken Latin for students and teachers in California, Michigan, New
Jersey, Oklahoma, and Virginia.

David W. Morgan is a professor in the Department of Modern Languages
and Literatures at Furman University in South Carolina where his
academic interests (besides Latin) are Renaissance and seventeenth-
century French literature. Dr. Morgan holds a Ph.D from Princeton
University, a J.D. from Vanderbilt University and a B.A. and B.S. from
Wofford College. Besides being an accomplished teacher of active
Latin, he compiles the Lexicon Latinum, an extensive English-Latin
list of modern terms and an invaluable resource for those wishing to
achieve fluency in Latin.

Msgr. Cleto Pavanetto has taught Latin, Greek, Classical literature
and related subjects for many years in the department of Christian and
Classical Letters at the Pontifical Salesian University in Rome. He
served for more than two decades as head of the Vatican Secretariat of
State's Latin Letters department and recently retired from his
positions as president of the Latinitas Foundation and general editor
of the Foundation's internationally-recognized quarterly journal

Complete information about Rusticatio Virginiana is available on the
SALVI website; however, participants with particular queries are
welcome to contact Nancy Llewellyn directly at

Nancy E. Llewellyn
Vice President, SALVI
Rusticatio Virginiana Program Director

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