Monday, June 8, 2009

Mapping the Medieval City: space, place and identity Reminder

Mapping the Medieval City: space, place and identity
An International Interdisciplinary Colloquium
Swansea University, 30-31 July 2009

- Participants include Ralph Hanna (Oxford), Robert W. Barrett Jr. (Illinois), Keith Lilley (Belfast), Helen Fulton (Swansea) and Jane Laughton

- Sessions include:
-Mappings: personal, political religious
-The Fabric of the Medieval City
-Literature, Performance and Civic Identity
-Space, Memory and Gender
-Identity and Belonging: citizens, migrants and outsiders
-The City and the World: locating centres
-Recovering the Medieval City: sources and analysis

- Digital Humanities Forum
A roundtable / Q&A session discussing medieval studies and new media, as well as projects in the digital humanities more widely. Experts in Humanities Computing will be available to answer questions and offer advice

For further information and a registration form, see the project website (, or contact Mark Faulkner (

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