Friday, June 5, 2009

Dry Island Buffalo Jump

In these straitened economic times, it's going to be harder and
harder for some students to get the money together to go to
university. A bunch of lecturers in English, French, History and
Divinity from the University of St Andrews decided to write and
record a song about the recession to raise money that will provide
financial support for students in need.

They call themselves Dry Island Buffalo Jump, and you can taste and
purchase The Credit Crunch Song here
for the bargainable price of a mere £1. You can't even buy a cup of
coffee for that these days.

Every single one of those hundred pennies will go into a fund which
will be used for prizes, bursaries or scholarships to support
financially disadvantaged students study at St Andrews University. If
you wish to donate more than £1 when you download The Credit Crunch
Song, you will receive the eternal gratitude of The Mighty Buffalo
and help someone to get a better education and better employment

Once you've paid online, you'll be sent an e-mail that contains a URL
which you should copy and paste into your browser. You can download
the mp3 from this page, so watch your inbox! Once you've downloaded
the mp3 file into your computer/i-pod/boogie box, please don't share
the file with your friends and family pets; the song is for charity,
remember? Instead, if you like the song, or the idea, please forward
this e-mail and the URL instead to as many people as you know might
be interested.

Oh yes, and no expenses were claimed in the making of this song.

We can sow what we want to reap.

With love from the happy hunting grounds of the Prairies of North-East Fife,
Dry Island Buffalo Jump

-- Dr Chris Jones

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